Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Foo Fighters - Sonic Highways Album Review

I'm a huge fan of Rock music. Every year, I look forward to the upcoming releases because I know, that a few records will just amaze me. Something that will remind me why I love straight forward Rock N Roll. But so far, this year, nothing has stuck out to me like that. Sure, there have been some really good albums to come out this year the rock genre, but nothing that really smacked me in the face and remind me that Rock is still alive and well.

Sonic Highways, the eighth album from Foo Fighters, is that album.

Foo Fighters, who in my opinion have been one of the most consistent bands over the past decade, have put together the most cohesive rock album of the year. Sonic Highways is only 8 tracks, but all 8 tracks pack a serious punch. All 8 tracks were recorded in a different city, and each song has a hint of musical influence from the city it was recorded in. From the thunderous opener "Something From Nothing", which is a track that just keeps building and building, until it turns into a full on jam that kicks you right in the teeth. You can really feel the passion in Grohl's lyrics, as he sings "No you can't make me change my name / You'll never make me change my name / Pay no mind now ain't that something / Fuck it all! I came from nothing." Then you have "The Feast And The Famine", which is just classic Foo Fighters. A hard rock track that has a catchy chorus that will be in your head for days.

The track that standouts the most has to be "Outside", which features a guest appearance from Joe Walsh from The Eagles. Another track that has an extremely catchy chorus, and some great guitar riffs all throughout the song, as well as an epic solo towards the end. The final song, "I am a River", is the longest song on the album, and is another song that just continues to build and build for over 7 minutes.

The album is also jam packed full of guests on each song, whether they are added instrumentation or vocals. The guests are from the city each song was recorded in. From Bad Brains, To Zach Brown,  Ben Gibbard, The Preservation Hall Jazz Band, this guest list features a wide variety of artists coming from different genres that offers a nice variety to the tracks.

Sonic Highways is the best Rock album of the year, hands down. From the lyrics, to the instrumentation, to the guest appearances, this album just has everything good going for it. I have also been watching the HBO series that the band made to accompany this album, which shows you the recording process of each of the tracks, and gives you a back story of the musical history in each city. It really makes you appreciate this album that much more.

Foo Fighters, with the release of this album, have solidified their place in rock music. They are one of the best bands out there today, and one of the few that could pull an album like this off. This album will for sure be getting some end of the year awards, and will also be on a lot of "End Of The Year" lists. I know it will be on mine.

RATING - 9.5/10